Adrian Explains

First things first. I’m a real world writer, not any kind of script guru. Over the last 15 years I’ve had all kinds of adventures, kicking off when I won a Times competition that got me a meeting with Tim Bevan, producer of Four Weddings And A Funeral .

The film treatment I wrote to secure that win was my first. Since then, I’ve been commissioned to develop film projects. Scripted episodes of Doctors for the BBC. Had prose stories published and a short film tour internationally. Enjoyed working in theatre.

My focus is increasingly on work I own. Like Making Sparks, the world’s first genre drama serial – a supernatural thiller – delivered by app (forthcoming). And the multi-platform projects I develop with my colleagues at Storia-Creative.

Thanks to those experiences – and my skills as a coach and trainer – I get asked by individuals and organisations to consult on projects. I put together a pitch document that led a broadcaster to commission a pilot episode from one client; supported others to develop shorts, features, novels, tv drama.

I don’t try and fit your work into a three-act straitjacket if it doesn’t belong in three acts in the first place. I don’t insist on your protagonist following a Hero’s Journey when what matters is their unique path through their particular story. I work with individuals, and help realise their potential as writers.