About The Book

The story starts with my blogging website, about which Robin Kelly, the man at the heart of UK online scriptwriting, said “Adrian Reynolds has a must read blog with some spot on reviews, industry experience, and craft posts.”

4 years and 600 articles later, it’s time for a change. I love blogging, and will be continuing in a new form through articles and reviews as before, along with a new emphasis on prose writing and  interviews with people in the business. To receive these pieces, sign up and subscribe here.

The anthology is a way of celebrating the best of what’s gone, compiled in three volumes as follows.


83 articles, each averaging 650 words, on everything from story structure and the use of myth in modern stories to precision word use and metaphor.  Along the way, some stories from experience in the industry, and insights into getting mind, body, and attitude in the sort of shape you’ll need to sustain a career as a gigging writer. The emphasis is on screenwriting, but the pieces apply whatever kind of wordslinging interest you. Humour features regularly, along with intermittent mild profanity.


99 film reviews, each weighing in at 600-700 words. Again, an emphasis on cinema, but from the point of view of a professional writer and exploring issues of interest to writers of all sorts. Genre, archetypes, and the politics of collaboration are explored as everything from mainstream Hollywood blockbusters to indie gems and world cinema are put under the lens. And it’s not just contemporary material that’s explored – there’s room for the likes of Hitchcock and Kurosawa too.


The idea here is to showcase work I’ve done that will be useful to look at as you begin to plan your own career. Hence the inclusion of a play script, since I’ve found that having an easily staged play is a real career asset: one of mine has been staged three times, and helped secure me paid work. There’s also a film treatment; the initial version I did as part of a general call from a production company, and the follow-up which I was commissioned to develop in greater detail. Plus, the sample script I wrote for a tv series that then hired me, to give an idea of what standard they’re looking for. A tv series treatment with a strong research element rounds out the package. Some of these are documents you don’t get easy access to. In all, over 80 pages of scripts and treatments to check out and learn from.

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