Caroline Green’s first book, Dark Ride, was published May 2011, and declared best Young Adult novel by the Romantic Novelist’s Association in March 2012. Her second novel, Cracks, was published to acclaim in 2012. “I have used Adrian’s script doctoring services on a number of occasions and found his input to be invaluable. His technical skill, coupled with a real understanding of what makes a story sing, have always helped me to move my writing forward. I would highly recommend him.”

I worked on a documentary series treatment for David Yeoman that got the go-ahead for a pilot episode from a broadcaster. “After researching the industry I came across Adrian. I’ve been struck not only by the creativity of what he does, but by the creative way that he perceives situations before he acts. This I knew would be invaluable to me. Adrian’s ability to see and do things differently sets him apart from the rest of the pack, and I can guarantee it’ll make a difference when he’s working with you.”

Spool Films engaged me to work with writers and filmmakers on a short film project. Those who opted to spend an hour with me tripled their chances of being shortlisted. Spool Director Penny Chettle: “Adrian has a refreshing way of thinking that brings ideas to life. He’s always got a useful angle on something you’re stuck on. And he gets the job done on time, every time. What else could you ask for?”

Sitcom Trials entrant Griff Phillips on a script report I did for his sitcom Art for Art’s Sake, which after rewrites based on my notes reached the semi-finals: “Awesome! I’m pretty sure I could pay 100 quid for a script report and not get something as helpful as that. I will read several times and digest.”

Screenwriter Chip Smith on a script I worked on with him for the Red Planet competition. “Adrian offered up more in the way of what he terms ‘coaching’ than a strict reader’s report which suited me just fine. A couple of Adrian’s suggestions really resonated, and I’ve used his sage words as fuel to inform a second draft, essentially a page one rewrite…his script report was excellent, as it happens.”