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Letters to seniors, when they

need them most!


Our Mission

We write letters to residents of assisted living centers and nursing homes who are on lock-down and unable to receive visitors. The letters are meant to support and uplift those who are in need and at risk during this difficult time, and remind them that they are not alone.


During the Covid-19 pandemic, assisted living centers and nursing homes around the nation are on total lock-down, most to the point where the residents cannot even leave their rooms to socialize internally, let alone see their families.


We work with administrators to receive the letters internally by email and then print them inside the facility. This will eliminate any potential outside germs, You can help by donating your time to write a letter to someone in need!

How Can You Help?

“Write By Your Side” is recruiting people to write brief but sincere letters of encouragement to residents of assisted living centers to help them get through this difficult time, and perhaps share stories about the letter writer’s own journey through the crisis. The key message being, “You are NOT alone. We care about you!”

To submit a letter, please review our letter guidelines and example letters. 

Once you have written a letter please email either a PDF or DOC or JPG file to:

From there our amazing team will have the letter printed and delivered! 

If you work with an assisted living center and would like your facility  to receive letters from us please click HERE

Send Letters
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